Mole Removal and Minor Skin Surgery

Moles, also known as beauty spots or birth spots, may be present at birth or more commonly arise later on in life. They may be flat, raised or even be hair-bearing. Most moles that have not changed in terms of their characteristics are harmless. Occasionally, a mole has to be removed because there is a risk it has become malignant (cancerous) or because it causes some discomfort (for example catching on clothes or a razor).

Various methods are used to remove moles. They include surgical removal by excision or using laser removal. Surgical excision is recommended in slightly larger and more protruding moles. Stitches may or may not be necessary depending on the size and location of the mole.The recovery period from surgical removal is about a week. Patients can usually carry out their normal activities during this period. Laser removal is recommended for flatter moles. A carbon dioxide laser &/or a pigment laser is used for this procedure. Recovery of the laser wound takes about 5 days and normal daily activities may be carried out during this period.

Your dermatologist will advise on the method of mole removal is most appropriate for you.