CO2 Laser and Fractional CO2 Laser

The Conventional Carbon Dioxide Laser is used to vaporize and remove growths on the skin, such as moles, warts and unwanted lumps and bumps.

The advantage of this laser is that it seals blood vessels and small nerve endings, resulting in a relatively quick procedure with the aim of less post-operative pain.

The Fractional Carbon Dioxide Laser has a beam that is split into multiple small columns. Each tiny beam treats a microscopic section of skin, leaving the adjacent untreated skin intact. In this manner, the skin is able to heal quickly with fewer complications.

The skin on the treated area is resurfaced and develops new collagen for up to a year, minimizing the effects of scars, fine lines, wrinkles, skin laxity, pigmentation and rough skin texture.

Typically patients require 2-4 sessions, 4-8 weeks apart to achieve the intended results. Redness and microcrusts may last for 2-5 days. In most patients, the crusts shed within 5 days. Direct sun avoidance is important after any procedure.

Your dermatologist will prescribe medicated creams for use before and after the procedure to optimize the beneficial results of the procedure.

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