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Dr Lim Kar Seng
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The Dermatology Practice @ Gleneagles
Gleneagles Medical Centre
6 Napier Road #04-13
Singapore 258499

Tel: (65) 6266 7180
Email: glenappt@thedermatologypractice.com 

The Dermatology Practice @ Novena
Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital
38 Irrawaddy Road, Singapore 329563

Tel: (65) 6694 3290
Email: appt@thedermatologypractice.com 

Our Practice

The Dermatology Practice in Singapore offers comprehensive dermatology care for Skin, Hair, Allergies & Lasers. We cater to the family for medical, aesthetic & laser dermatology; young & old. In particular, we emphasize individualized personal care for all our patients by our specialists. They have both local and international work experience, and are recognized & accredited by the Ministry of Health, Singapore.

Singapore’s Premier Dermatologists

Receive genuine service and care when you pay a visit to our clinic. At The Dermatology Practice, we are dedicated to providing our patients with access to treatments which encompass all aspects of both medical and aesthetic dermatology. Our clinic is staffed by experienced dermatologists in Singapore, and will be able to advise and treat you for a variety of skin concerns.

Medical and Cosmetic Dermatology for skin, hair, and allergy 

The skin is the single largest organ in your body, acting as a barrier that protects your body from the harsh elements of the outside world, so it’s unsurprising that there are a whole host of medical conditions which affect this part of the body. Our talented dermatologists are able to treat patients for a range of genetic, hormonal, lifestyle, and environment related skin diseases and conditions including acne, eczema, psoriasis, benign growths, cancers and infections. Our specialists are also capable of providing both prick and patch testing for common skin allergies and will be able to provide treatment once a definitive diagnosis has been reached. 

Our dermatologists offer services including diagnosing and treating an array of hair loss related conditions.

Procedures that will help restore your self confidence

In addition to our medical services, we offer an array of aesthetic dermatological procedures using established techniques. Many of our cosmetic treatments aim to restore the appearance of the skin which has been damaged as a result of medical conditions such as acne and hair loss. We also offer dermatology procedures designed to reduce the signs of aging from the skin through tightening, plumping and smoothing.

To learn more about our capabilities, or to make an appointment, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team.